Celebrate Your Country at The Home And Garden Market Village!

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I’m happy to announce that Laridian Designs is participating in this month’s themed event at the Home & Garden Market Village!  Designers were given a challenge to build something that celebrates their home nations.  My home nation is Australia, and there’s nothing us Aussies love more than a good old aussie beer and “barbie” in the backyard!

I’ve created the ‘typical’ Aussie backyard, with a clothes line, an Esky (ice box!) with beer, a couple of lawn chairs, a BBQ, Aussie flagpole, and there’s even some grass in there too!  As usual with the Home & Garden market, themed items are on sale for 50% off for the duration of the event, which runs for all of November!

Stop by to see my items, as well as the other fantastic creations the other designers have come up with!


*New* at Laridian – Country Comfort Bedroom Set!

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New at Laridian today!  The old Country Comfort bedroom sets have been given a makeover (actually it’s more like a complete overhaul!) This set is available in 5 different colours, and it contains a texture changer with 6 different wood base colours! As always, there’s a bunch of animations in the bed (cuddles and naughties), as well as working lamps that turn on and off according to your sim time.

The Country Comfort Bedroom Set is available in the Laridian Main Store now, or on the SL Marketplace!

The Meeroos Are Coming!

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This gorgeous little creature I’m snuggling up to above is called a Meeroo!  Meeroos, are going to be the next huge breedable pet to hit Second Life.  They’re currently in beta testing with no official release date as of yet, but to find out more, visit The Wonderful World Of Meeroos website!  To get ready for the official release, I created a Mystical Mushroom House for my Meeroos.  They’re 31 prims with mod+copy permissions, so they’re great for your own personal Meeroos collection, or for commercial use at a Meeroos Market.

The Mystical Mushie House is available in 3 different texture options.  You can check them out in SL at the Laridian Main Store in Andarah Island. They’re also listed on the Marketplace:

Mystical Mushie House (Red)
Mystical Mushie House (Brown)
Mystical Mushie House (Mellow)

If you’d like to see the Meeroos in SL, if you’re interesting in breeding them, or if you’re already a beta tester and you’re looking for somewhere to keep your Meeroos, the wonderfully talented Janelle Arashi from Minx Farms has created a fantastic Magical Meeroo Forest with rental stalls, carts, offer boards & an auction house.

Rental prices and prim counts are very reasonable, so TP over to the Magical Meeroo Forest to secure your spot today!

Holiday Rental Stalls at The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar!

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Seasons Greetings one and all!

The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar is now open for the 2010 holiday season! This is our 5th Christmas in Second Life, and we are bigger & better than ever!  We have Christmas trees, gift boxes and bags, igloos and gingerbread homes, snowmen and ice rinks, sleighs and carousels, indoor and outdoor, toys and plushies, clothing and accessories, from the traditional to the unique we have everything you could possibly need or want for your decorating & gift giving needs this Christmas.

For the first time EVER, we’ve decided to offer Christmas hut rentals to other vendors, be quick, as these will NOT last long! 30 prims for L$100 per week minimum of 4 weeks or a maximum of 6 weeks, thats right folks we don’t close our doors til mid January so get in here now and grab a spot to get your holiday sales on too! Use the link below and click the rental boxes for terms and conditions that apply.

Visit The Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar by Clicking Here!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Surprise! Peace On Earth 3 Hunt Gift!

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The Peace On Earth 3 Hunt has just begun, and I’m pleased to announce that this year, Surprise! (by Laridian Designs) is participating!  The prize I have on offer is this cute little Christmas-sy table, which includes everything you see here.. presents, a poinsettia plant, 2 pictures frames, a small fir tree, even a letter to Santa. 🙂

It’s 57 prims for everything, but it’s modifyable so if you want to shave a few prims off here and there, you have the ability to do so!

The Peace On Earth Hunt runs from December 1st until January 3rd, you can find the hunt’s start point here!

New @ Laridian: Tropical Escape Hammock & Palms

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Time for another new release from me.. 🙂 The Tropical Escape Hammock from Laridian Designs comes with 5 built in sit animations & an attachable book for the reading pose, a texture changer with a choice of 8 hammock textures, as well as 3 sculpted palm trees, sculpted birds of paradise (strelitzias), and some tropical foliage.

I know my last few releases have been kind of summery lately, and a lot of people in SL are probably moving into the cooler months. I’m sorry! I’m Aussie and it’s finally starting to warm up here, so I’m really in a summery mood! Anyway, back to the new release (lol).. it’s 36 prims and comes in 2 variations (hammock with floral print fabric, or with stripes!)

Floral Hammock texture options..

The Tropical Escape hammock set is available at the Laridian Main Store, the Laridian Satellite Store @ Juicy, and also on the SL Marketplace now!

Laridian Designs Gift @ Juicy’s 3rd Birthday

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Wow, has it really been a year already? Juicy is turning 3, and to celebrate, a bunch of vendors from the Juicy sims have put out freebies or dollarbies for you!  This year’s contribution from Laridian is this awesome Torquay Outdoor Set.

The Juicy 3rd birthday gift is a ‘lite’ version of the Torquay Outdoor Set which I released late last week (it doesn’t have the texture changing option or couples menu), but it will seat up to 6 people, and it will only cost you one linden this week.  Visit the Juicy birthday area to pick yours up now!

Laridian Designs ~ Weathered Barns

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About a month ago, I started playing with Amaretto breedable horses in SL, and not long after, I decided to build myself a barn to keep them in!  I released these Weathered Barns at Laridian Designs a couple weeks ago and completely forgot to blog them, so I’m doing it now!

The Weathered Barn is available in 3 different sizes, and all are mod+copy, so you can make the changes you want to make.  The large (20mx40m)  and medium (20x20m)  sized barns both contain stables for you to keep your horses in, and the largest barn also has a small area at the front without stables where you can sell your horses or horse accessories if you happen to have a shop.  You can buy the barns separately, and they’re also available as a multi-pack (shown above) for those with large horse ranches or markets!

The Weathered Barn is available on the SL Marketplace, as well as at the Hopping Mad store in Andarah Island!

New @ Laridian Designs ~ Torquay Outdoor Set!

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Newly released at Laridian Designs is the Torquay Outdoor Setting.  The Torquay Outdoor Set is a modular sofa which has single seating for up to 6 people, a couples menu, and scripted lighting that turns on and off with your sim time.  The entire set is just 27 prims (including the table, lighting.. everything!), and there’s also a texture changer for the base colour of your set (wicker and wood, the cushions & pillows stay the same).

The Torquay Outdoor Set is available at the Laridian Designs main store now, and is also listed on the SL Marketplace for your convenience!

Laridian Hang Out Tree – L$99 Promo Ends Tomorrow!!

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The title of this post says it all, really!  The current Laridian promotion will be ending tomorrow (Monday) night at midnight SL time.

The Hang Out Tree will comfortably accommodate up to 6 people (4 singles & a couple), it also has a texture changer so you can change how your tree looks season to season (Autumn, Spring & Winter).  There’s a couples menu with kisses and cuddles, and each pillow contains multiple animations.

The Hang Out Tree comes in 3 different options, the only difference is the textures used on the pillows (Pinks, Blues & Brite).  The Hang Out Tree (Pink) is available for this week on the new SL Marketplace only for the special introductory price of just 99 lindens (Reg. price will be L$675)!

Click here to see this item on the SL Marketplace!

Click here to visit the Laridian Main Store

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